Each Dihedral product is made in house, by hand, and with the utmost attention to each and every detail, no matter how small. We design and build each bag to be timeless in both style and function. This begins with the materials, if you don't start with the best you can't make the best quality product. We then fabricate each bag our selves from cutting table to sewing machine the result a one of kind piece. We believe it’s worth making things that are both beautiful and made to last.

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We hand select each hide ensuring quality and the best look for your bag. Our leather is all cow hide in a variety of tans, finishes, and weights, they come from the USA, Britain, and Italy.

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Merino Wool Felt

Felt bags have a long heritage throughout Scandinavian countries. It's a fabric that is exceedingly water resistant, lightweight, incredibly strong, and easy to care for, because of these properties wool felt is a perfect fabric for the unpredictable climate found in British Columbia. We source our felt from a factory in Germany who in turn source the highest quality Merino wool fibers to make their felt, Merino wool fibers are longer than regular wool making for a stronger end product, it also naturally anti-bacterial meaning it wont smell or mold.  


Waxed Canvas

Our Waxed Canvas is either waxed in house with a combination of locally sourced beeswax and unrefined linseed oil or British Millerain Soywax canvas. With a rich heritage beginning in 1880 British Millerain produce a high quality fabric their Soywax canvas offers a modern version of a tried and true product lending it a softer hand feel and increased durability. Waxed canvas is know for it's durability and weather proofing, our canvas is fully impregnated with wax verses an outer coat to insure that it will maintain these properties for the long haul.  




Hardware and Thread

All rivets, snaps, rings, and buckles we use are stainless steel, that does not tarnish over time. Many of the larger structural scissor snaps and rings we use are the same used to make horse tack. We sew each bag with heavy weight, uv treated, nylon thread. This thread is strong and won't break down over time.