From the Heart of the Coast Mountains


British Columbia is a beautiful and brutal place, bordered by the pacific, home to towering mountain ranges, and vast forests it’s not a place for the weak of heart. At dihedral designs we strive to make products that will serve the people that call this landscape home. Marrying the highest quality materials, traditional techniques and a timeless design, we make bags that aren't just about looking good but standing the test of time.


Made with Merino wool felt sourced from Germany, it’s both lightweight and durable, felt is easy to care for due to it’s natural hydrophobic qualities,it won't stretch or pill, it’s made to survive so don’t be afraid to take it with you on your next adventure. We hand select each hide choosing leathers of the highest quality that gives each product something unique that only improves with age.


We started making things long before we started selling them. As a family, for Mother, Sue Pratt and Son, Mack Rankin collaboration has always come as second nature from making a pack that five year old Mack could carry on long backpacking trips to starting a small business, Dihedral Designs is through and through a family affair. It’s from this relationship that we developed our first bag, seeking something that would not only be just beautiful or functional but a mixture of the two. From this first prototype we’ve continued to refine our designs always striving to design products that quickly become a part of your everyday life, carrying all the essentials without weighing you down.

     Thanks, Sue & Mack