Each Dihedral product is made by hand, in house (our studio is just down the hall from the kitchen). From idea to finished product our hands are all over everything we make, insuring quality and making each bag one of a kind. Here's a look at the steps that go into the finished thing.



Each bag we make usually starts its life on a piece of paper. Together we refine the design multiple times before we even begin to cut and sew. Once we have a prototype we refine and redesign, this step is based on feedback from people using the bag and we continue it until we're happy with the final product. 

hardware process.jpg

Rivets & Hardware

We set each stainless steel rivet by hand, making sure they set properly. Every buckle, snap, post, and ring that goes onto your bag is checked and tested.  

File_000 (1).jpeg


Once we have our pattern we cut the pieces that make up each bags. Any leather edge is 'burnished' by hand with beeswax sealing it from the elements. Our patterns limit the number of pieces of fabric used making the bags lighter and stronger, less cutting, fewer seams, better bags. Straps are all one strip of leather not laminated segments. 

File_000 (2).jpeg


We use industrial sewing machines for their precision and strength, they also allow us to use heavier weight thread thats stronger and more durable. Every seam is lock stitched and finished by hand so there's no chance it will unravel. Further, any point of stress in the bag is double stitched.