We made this bag to be something a little different but still reflect our ideals of simplicity. The body is only two pieces of 100% Merino Wool felt joined across the front of the bag. The Ashlu’s big enough to be used for a work bag or just day to day, and because we simplified the design to only the essential elements it’s incredibly light for its size. The top has a zippered closure and one leather drop pocket on the outside. With the offset seam and leather pocket we affectional call it the “abstract” bag around the studio.

Height 13.5”, 34.3cm x Width 15.5”, 39.4cm x Depth 2.75”, 7cm

-All hardware is stainless steel and higher gauge for strength and durability.

-Every seam is double stitched with high denier, UV treated, nylon thread.  

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